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Sparx Chat makes getting to know people around you easier and safer then ever before.

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Sparx Chat App

How it works?

Picture yourself in a crowded place (a bar, festival, public transportation, college etc) or maybe in a quiet library.

You see a person that you find interesting but don't know how to approach.

Thats where Sparx Chat comes in! Try scanning people around you who already use Sparx Chat. Or if you don't find that person on radar give your QR code to them. Once they scan your QR, Sparx Chat App is getting installed and after that they are directly in chat with you.

Your real name is not visible to other users. The idea is that you can talk freely.
Only direct camera upload is possible. Sharing from gallery or downloaded files is not. Media cannot be saved or screenshoted and it disappears in one hour. So be true to each other. You don't have to share anything you don't feel like sharing. That is the privilege of being on Sparx Chat – you are in control of things people know about you.

You can even print your QR code it and use it like visit card, make a sticker out of it and put it on your car or backpack.

Sparx Chat only finds people in 5km radius around you so you control who can text you. Your added friends are always visible for chat even if they are not in 5km radius.

Scanning below QR Code

Sparx Chat App